Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Darkness Shines

Here's an inspirational poem to remind you that there is always a good thing that comes from a bad thing.

When the sun forgets to shine,
and the days brim with the fear of tomorrow,
these are the times that I will cherish,
for in these cold and hopeless days
is where your true character speaks.
From in your soul it shows a resilience to fear,
and the courage to stand and fight for what you love.
In the days of joy and fulfillment,
you finally realize
that even happiness comes with a price,
but its one worth paying.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Through the Woods

This poem is inspired by the sheer beauty of nature.  Enjoy!

Through the woods I wander by,
out of the sight of the naked eye,
through the flowers in full bloom,
and past the eve rising trees I walk.
Is it life or is it death?
This heavenly world before my eyes,
so mystical in its beauty,
I wonder if I'm still alive.
Never stopping, never sleeping,
this world's alive past any doubt,
the birds in song will never die,
and this unearthly place will live
throughout the darkest night.
Through the woods I wander by,
out of the sight of the naked eye,
never to be seen again,
I walk where there is no end.


This is my favorite poem that I have ever written.  What do you guys think of it?

And soon we saw them there,
dancing through the air,
fire blazing in their wake,
never letting go,
of the ones they left below.
They sail through the darkness,
leaving a long and misty sadness,
and through the night
they scream in their despair,
as they travel through the murky blackened air.
As soon as they had come they'd gone,
from this earthly world they'd withdrawn,
never to be seen by living men,
gone back to the world without the sun,
and there they stay til' earth is done.