Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Moon

On this night of a full moon when it was shining so brightly, I looked up into the sky and saw a white orb, the moon, glowing with a radiance like no other.

The Moon

Shining down on us so bright,
The moon so fierce,
During the night,
Illuminating the darkest ages.

Many mysteries within,
That no one knows,
We will keep wondering,
But the moon will never tell us.

Gives light in the night when no one can see,
Disappearing by day,
As if melting away,
To wait out the sunlit hours.

Standing boldly in the sky for all to see,
To see its light guide the way,
It will take us where we need to go,
Or just let us observe its mysterious presence.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Flower of Light

I read another poem that was very well written, and it made me want to create another one that was similar to it.

The Flower of Light

The flower so luscious and white,
Shines in the sunlight,
Glistens in the moonlight,
Absorbing the light in its delicate petals while enriching its existence.

It stands out in the day so white and so pure,
Never fading away,
It stands in the heat day by day,
Not giving in, never dying away.

In the moonlight it sits there so natural,
Atop its throne of a stem,
It gives new life and new hope,
To all those who near the flower of light.

It sits there for an eternity,
Ruling the world,
Absorbing the light,
Never letting it fade.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sounds of the Night

I find this poem to have a calming effect on the reader.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sounds of the Night

A screeching sound cuts through the night,
An angry bird who lost his meal,
The jingling sound of an old chime,
Swayed side to side by the small midnight breeze.

In this quiet nightly world,
The sound you hear above all others,
The sound of silence and peace,
Where everything is at rest.

The scurrying of mice,
The lapping of the waves against the shore,
The children a snoozing deep asleep in their beds,
All the sounds that you hear as the night comes around.

Though the nights peace and quiet,
Many sounds can you hear,
The sounds of quiet lives,
Being lived in darkness.

Friday, January 3, 2014


In the middle of winter I thought that I must compose a poem about the most magical things about it... Snow


Creeping through the towns by night,
Covering them in a glistening white,
Filled inside with a magic of sorts,
Snow is the element you cannot thwart.

Pinching cold and freezing fingers,
The price you pay and it lingers,
The never-ending freezing fall,
Shall fall and fall past the wall.

With this substance you can make,
A smiling snowman or a protective fort,
The snowman with a smile of coal,
While the fort protects from the cold outdoors.

Out the window down it falls,
The snow coming down in sheets and walls,
A beautiful sight to behold,
It seems as if you’re in a different world.