Friday, January 3, 2014


In the middle of winter I thought that I must compose a poem about the most magical things about it... Snow


Creeping through the towns by night,
Covering them in a glistening white,
Filled inside with a magic of sorts,
Snow is the element you cannot thwart.

Pinching cold and freezing fingers,
The price you pay and it lingers,
The never-ending freezing fall,
Shall fall and fall past the wall.

With this substance you can make,
A smiling snowman or a protective fort,
The snowman with a smile of coal,
While the fort protects from the cold outdoors.

Out the window down it falls,
The snow coming down in sheets and walls,
A beautiful sight to behold,
It seems as if you’re in a different world.


  1. Wonderful images! I always love watching you build forts in the winter, and then snuggling inside to keep warm.

  2. Hi, Matthew! As a person who has shoveled snow three times today only, I appreciate your work restoring my sense of awe and wonder at SNOW. I love your line "The snow coming down in sheets and walls." I will try to take an Instagram of my visual representation of this in a few days when it starts melting here! Wonderful, wonderful poem. Lexi loved it, too!